Erin's sampler

Erin has ordered midnight blue and white double colored peonies,here are 2 options!

A Beautiful Handmade Wedding!

Courtney had ordered a paper flower bouquet in Sept.She has a very very lovely blog at CK and Tay showcasing all her handmade DIY projects.She is one of the most "talented" bride I have ever seen! I happen to browse by and chanced on the wedding photos via thier wonderful photographer Jenna and a wedding video!!! check out the wedding bouuqet in the video and check out the song the groom sang for the bride -lovely -how much more can you ask?

The perfect handmade wedding -both of them are musicians.So they gave each guest a hand embossed CD with their music!

The bride and groom were married under a handmade chuppah!

Paper flowers on the cake..

The bride made the headress as well as the shoes!! What more can you ask for!

Here is some eye candy for you!

First anniversary gift paper wedding bouquet recreation

Rob had ordered a wedding bouquet recreated in paper as a first anniversary gift!
He sent this picture of the wedding boquet and I loved the idea of recreating it..

Rob here is my bouquet recreation of it in paper! Hope I did the bouquet justice :-)

let me know if you like it!

Fall colors Wedding cake topper

Another wedding cake topper -looks like it was birds week here :-)
Another bird topper requested by Rita.She wanted a simpler one with orange,burgundy accents..
Here is what I have created,

My cute birdies are all flying away :-) hope they bring the wedding couples God blessings :-)

Cake Bird Topper Nest

A wedding cake bird nest topper was custom requested by a client! The bird's nest is handmade! It took a lot of time but it was worth the handmade look I feel.

I had the idea of an arch for the topper and hadn't gotten down to doing to it so when when the request was made I was grinning from ear to ear as it was precisely what I had in mind.The bride's colors were navy blue,burgundy and green,I added velvet leaves in those colors and she requested orange bloossoms,I found a nice branch which I strung on the arch and the birds (how cute are they???) simply put the quaint look on it!

Hope you like it!

All white everlasting wedding bouquet

I had an order for another stephanotis wedding bouquet! The client was special since she comes from my same hometown! ha! what a small world :-) The bouquet has lots and lots of flowers and each crystal is handstuck! took lots and lots of time! lol!
Thank you Portia for your order! Would greatly appreciate any pictures of the wedding!

First anniversary paper flowers

Jordan had ordered ivory peonies and ivory roses for their first anniversary gift on Oct 11th!

Here is the pictures!

Best Wishes and happy Anniversary!

Gardenia wedding cake flowers

Here are a set of 8 gardenia in different sizes that Lindsey ordered for her wedding cake!


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