Finished up book signing centerpiece

Just finished this up for Sindy and going for shipping!
Added reindeer moss to the bottom -looks really lovely !!! like a mossy knoll buttefly garden in a book.

Wedding cake topper in clay - white peony

I had a order via Etsy for a large white peony wedding cake topper for Paula.She also wanted 7 gardenias for all her bridesmaids! What a gorgeous sight it would be!

It was the first time I was making a clay peony -I usually make the large anemone so I liked doing an peony for a change and I am sure this is going to be frequent seller again! I just love doing custom flowers.. The peony has white stamens in the center and is really make a statement on its own beign 6 to 7 inches big!!! It will sit regally atop a wedding cake and I really dont think you dont need anything else besides this flower!

Table centerpiece arrangement - Sindy

Centerpiece for Sindy -a long overdue project I was working on - still is stuck on this one for the finer details as I cant seem to find the reindeer moss to finish off the base.

The arrangement is so big that I am struggling on ideas to mail this one.

black and white wedding bouquet

A black and white wedding !

Christi had emailed me and requested if I could make for her wedding the bouquet and of course it was anemones that she wanted.Now we are planning to a combination of both.The order has 3 mother's bouquets which I finished up yesterday.

There are 3 a bit larger paper anemone with some berries which I added as it was looking soo pretty together(hope christi likes this as we had orginally planned no filler)I finished it off with some paper ribbon to match the paper flowers :-) and the handle is all black satin!

The boutonierres are single anemones with no fillers again wrapped in black satin.

The cakes flowers are also done but I didn't get time to photograph that - more coming up in the next post.

wedding cake toppers -water lily

I had made a water lily and paper and just couldn't resist making one in clay!
Just thought I should be posting this under a cake topper too as a single large water lily on the top tier would look just lovely!

Wedding shower arrangement for Kimberly.

I had an order for a dozen assortment of flower like orchids,roses in many colors and white stephanotis.It came out really beautiful! A nice vibrant color scheme,add some trailing ribbon,Would look lovely when dropped in a vase too

Wedding table centerpieces -using paper flowers

I was just playing around with the flowers I created and here is another idea for a wedding table centerpiece! Just 4 large ivory flower on a tall vase with silver ribbons trailing down

Chair back decoration for bride and groom paper flower peony for

I had series of small order to do which I need to get behind to get onto to my wedding order!..

Now here is one with a difference.Laya contacted me and asked if I could do her a bride and groom's chair decoration for her wedding.She had a Tiffany blue theme but wanted an ivory or silver color combination... After searching for silver tulle I finally gave up and we settled for white.

I added 2 ivory peonies and added a small branch and here is a beautiful chair-back decoration for the bride and groom's chair. There was small budget to work with but eventually it came out really pretty!

Paper Flowers - order for Erin

I was working on orange and yellow poppies for Erin,the same I did a few months ago for a wedding.

vase - floral arrangement large paper flowers

Lot of orders and so little time :-) wish the day was more longer :-) especially with 2 toddler's around.

Mean while here is a large paper flower I made for a an etsy order for orangaide,what a beauty it turned out to be.The beauty of these flower are that they can stand alone in a vase and still create an impact!! Ideal for brides on a budget.

see more pictures at my etsy store
Paper Flowers vase arrangement

Water lily wedding bouquet - sample for elizabeth

I was pretty thrilled to read Elizabeth's request for a water lily and water arum in paper for her wedding bouquet.She lives near Lake George - a place I have visited many times as it's just an hour's drive from here.

Here is the handshaded water lily! more to come!

second flower for christi in blush pink !

pink flower sampler for christi

Here is a sample that I tried out for christi

chair back decoration for bride and groom paper flower peony for

I was creating some flowers for a custom chair back decoration for a bride and groom's chair.
Here are the ivory peonies I created for Laya.


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