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Glamelia Wedding Bouquet

Glamelia's date back to the 40 & 50's. Designing a glamelia is old school artistry. They are handmade from invidividual rose petals or other flower petals and crafted to look like one large bloom. The design can be tedious and time consuming but make for beautiful bouquets or corsages.

When a bride whose wedding is in Mexico ordered one I was totally thrilled I had done these in a different style for another bride a long time ago this time the order was in ivory and the brides wanted a different style.The flower measure more than 8 inches across!

Fresh Glamelia's are notorious for not lasting at all after the wedding but this one in paper would be a great keepsake after the wedding!

glamelia wedding bouquet

Inspiration picture below:

composite wedding bouquet large flowers

Composite wedding bouquet are well sought after nowadays and has been featured in the birdal magazines again - a new revival of the old victorian tradition.What a coincidence that last Spring I made one in white! Sarah had ordered these large hot pink flowers and here is what I made for her.

The order has 2 5 inches flower girls flowers -4 bridesmaids at 6 to 7 inches and Sarahs is at 8 inches.She is think ing of adding fresh leaves to it once close to her wedding date.

The bouquets have satin wrap on the handmade handle.
These flowers took me a "ridiculous" amount of time just due to the fact that I added just LOTS of petals for the wow factor!

The matching hair flower

yellow composite flower for Scottee

Leisa - composite wedding flowers

As you might have seen below Leisa had ordered the flowers for her wedding to match the tattoo on her shoulder of a black peony.Her order was unique and new and wow how unique and new it has turned out.This wedding is going to be a stunner :-) There are too many flower in my house in riots of colors so I thought I will just need to ship some away to make room in my room!!!

These flower are made in a unique manner which is a new unique technique I developed in paper using a technique different from how the usual fresh compisite flowers are made..I am sure I will be exploring more aspects of this design further -all credits to Liesa for her great ideas on the color combos.

The flowers for the bouquet will be red/cream/black.

The throw bouquet flowers are there is pink/grey/black -sooo elegant.

The groom's boutonniere has a velvet leaf and and 2 feathers,
while the best man has a cream/grey/black composite flower.

I found this nice printed ribbon which just went so well with the composites that I used it -(I am crossing my finger that Liesa will like it too :-)) The ushers have grey peonies all wrapped in a printed ribbon and a small black ribbon ties on the stems.

The wrist corsages turned out extremely well,
I used a large flower and some vintage velvet leaves and ribbons and fillers and lo behold I have a GORGEOUS wrist corsage which I am sure is going the be a great hit.The ribbon just gels with the flowers! Great find :-)

Bridal wedding paper flower bouquet or a composite bouquet

composite bouquet
wedding bouquet
I have been working on new designs for the Spring and this what I came up with.This is spin off from my large paper flower for pews!I was inspired to make these large single rose composite bouquet orginally designed in the Victorian ages.Now they will serve as a modern wedding bouquet for the bride or bridesmaid or even a flower girl.This can serve as gift or a first anniversary gift too (red is available)!The flower is about 8 inches across and made from paper and very gorgeous.No one would say it's paper!It's a delicate touch to it and something very new and fresh.The are sooo many petals in this flower so that creates such a lush and delicate look for the bouquet.

I made my daughter model it (it took a lot of coaxing to get her to hold it)

You can choose it to be simple rose or the rose can have artificial leaves fanning it.The handle will have nice brooch on it.If you just want a simple one or want more embellishments with the rose like some feather or beads with it,feel welcome to convo me.

Many colors are available like ivory/pale pink/other subtle color.

Thanks for looking,
please take a look at Paper roses for more of my work!


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