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Glamelia Wedding Bouquet

Glamelia's date back to the 40 & 50's. Designing a glamelia is old school artistry. They are handmade from invidividual rose petals or other flower petals and crafted to look like one large bloom. The design can be tedious and time consuming but make for beautiful bouquets or corsages.

When a bride whose wedding is in Mexico ordered one I was totally thrilled I had done these in a different style for another bride a long time ago this time the order was in ivory and the brides wanted a different style.The flower measure more than 8 inches across!

Fresh Glamelia's are notorious for not lasting at all after the wedding but this one in paper would be a great keepsake after the wedding!

glamelia wedding bouquet

Inspiration picture below:

Anemone wedding bouquet paper flower bouquet

Sarah had ordered a anemone bouquet after she saw Christina's anemone wedding pictures
she has initially ordered pink but then switched to off white and here is what turned out.The flower have handmade green open stems and paper anemone leaves each hand cut as fillers she sent me a gorgeous anemone bouquet as inspiration.Small green berries pop inbetween the anemones.She also ordered for an anemone hair piece and a matching boutonierre. Her wedding is in a national park! Hope you like the picture and hope I did justice to the inspiration bouquet!

anemone wedding bouquet
anemone wedding bouquet


Dahlia wedding bouquet pictures

I have been busy with some orders and I am behind posting many wedding pictures that brides have mailed back - This one is Tam's dahlia wedding bouquet with my most requested wedding bouuqet in action! Thank you so much Tam so much for senting them!
She has been one of my sweetest brides I and enjoyed making the bouquet for her!

So. 1st. Thank you so much. Though it has been over a year, I still have the warmest thoughts of our flower experience. You were so lovely to work with through the whole process. I would gladly to repeat the whole thing! I cannot recommend you enough to newly engaged friends and I still have my gorgeous bouquet to enjoy everyday. Thank you so much for using your talents for good! You are just amazing!

Here are some of the photos I meant to send. I tried to pick some that featured your wonderful work and some that are just of the reception!

Hope you are well and that business is great!


hellebores bouquet

Kiara had ordered her wedding bouquet a few months ago and she requested hellebores,now this was my first time and it took me "quite" a while to get the idea on how make these gorgeous flowers!! The center are painstakingly made and it took me some time to get atleast close to the hellebores.. Her colors are purple and I have used all colors of purple on me plus handshaded some to get purple and burgundy tints on the flowers.
Some of the colors have not come quite clearily on this maybe becoz I shot it this eve..

The bridesmaids hold a mix of ivory and white paper roses,anemone and carnations.

tulip and ranunculus clay bridal bouquet

Natalie had ordered a tulip wedding bouuqet for her wedding in Sept (I have 2 brides having the same wedding date!!) Here are the progress pictures for Natalie.
The bouquet has these white tulips whose centers are painstaking made!!It has green
hydrangeas,offwhite ranunculus and white stephanotis with pearl centers.

I am debating if I need to add the leaves or not?

I am receiving many enquiries to which I am unable to reply to ,I am head over heels in work trying to finish up everything as fast as my hand can make them :-) and make them as beautiful as I can.

Sept is like crazy here that I sometime miss replying to emails -thank you for all your patience!I am not taking any new orders for upto OCT middle until all the current orders are out the door,anything after that in NOV,DEC onwards please convo me or email me.hyranges

wedding picture

Tessa has ordered a petite purple dahlia bouquet and she just sent me this beautiful picture of the grom and the brides holding the bouquet!

Thank you Tessa!

white anemone wedding bouquet

Amy had ordered a white anemone wedding bouquet and red anemone for the bridesmaids in paper.?Here is how it turned out.

Stephanotis wedding bouquets in clay

Stephanotis wedding bouquet are so classy and elegant! I had an order from Canada for a stpehanotis wedding bouquet along with 4 bridesmaids of the same.The bride wanted off white stepahanotis with crystal centers and the bridesmaids are white with pearl centers.The boutonierres are like Tam's with a single stephanotis and berrries.The bride is also wearing a gardenia in her hair and the bridesmaids some stephanotis.The bridal bouquet has around 60 flowers and the whole order took me a lot of time since the flowers are small!!

Thank you Jena for your order and hope you like the flowers!

You can buy them here at Stephanotis wedding bouquet

stepahnotis clay wedding bouquet

Daffodil wedding bouquet

It's been a while since I posted due to many visitors popping in and my mother is with me for a short visit! Liz had ordered her wedding bouquet and 6 bouquet for her bridesmaids.She said she like bright colors and that her wedding colors were blue,green and yellow so the idea of daffodils popped in.I have been working on it with my mom and here is the collection!

The bouquet features ranunculus in shades of ivory and salmon,tulips in ivory,yellow,salmon and daffodils to create a pop.The bridesmaids hold a dozen cheery and bright daffodil with green stems.

In order to tie all into the color scheme I used a deep blue grosgrain ribbon with a rick rack tie on it.The bridesmaids have pale yellow grossgrain ribbon with blue ties.
The boutonierres are a flower called bachlelor's button in midnight blue.The stems are clay and finished with a crisscrossed ribbons.

Purple Dahlia Bouquet petite

I had a order for a petite purple bouquet from Victoria.
The request was for shades of purples flower with white flowers.Finally after juggling a bit around with different variations I felt purple dahlias,lavender bud roses and white gerber daisies went well together.I had this lavender berry filler and it went well with that I addded that finished of with some preserved leaves.

Pink dahlia paper flower wedding bouquet

Ann liked the pink dahlia wedding bouquet that Katie had ordered earlier and requested the same but with a brighter pink color for the dahlia.

The bouquet has gorgeous accents to it like pink beaded fillwer,pearl and crystal fillers,swarovski crystal centers for each dahlia.

She ordered 2 corsage for the bridesmaids in ivory.I made 3 flower and added plum accents as their dresses are shades of plum.

The men get boutonierres of ivory stephanotis and violets (my first time I am doing this) I added a few velvet leaves and they look gorgeous with ivory satin ties.

stepanotis wedding bouquet off white with golden beaded centers

Stephanotis wedding bouquets are pretty popular and look absolutely elegant with the bridal dress! I had a request for an off white stepanotis wedding bouquet and the bride sent me this picture of her gorgeous wedding dress

Her is what I created for her,the bouquet has lots of stephanotis and the centers are golden filigree balls (great find!!) and varied it a bit with topaz rhinestones and swarovski yellow crystals.The bouquet is finished off with an off white ribbon and some gold beads interspersed between the pins!

stephanotis wedding bouquet

stephanotis wedding bouquet
stephanotis wedding bouquet

Here is the link to the stephanotis wedding bouquet I did before on etsy.


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