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Gardenia wrist corsage for mothers

gardenia wrist corsage

prom wrist corsage gardenia wedding

I made this gardenia corsage using a clay gardenia.Prom season is coming and I thought it would be wonderful to give something that can be treasured for all your life! It has few green leaves and a white ribbon to it. The gardenia signifies joy, purity, secret love and is associated with thoughts of beauty.

Buy the gardenia wrist corsage from here before it goes -it's on SALE price!
gardenia wrist corsage

bridal wedding hair flower gardenia pictures

I just got back some awesome picture of my favorite flowers gardenias as wedding hair flowers!

napkin ring gardenias

A sampler for a gardenia napkin ring for the wedding reception table.

Bridal hair flower gardenia

Becc has ordered 3 gardenias last year -(Becc lives in Australia and gardenias were out season there in time for her wedding )-she wanted to achieve Katherine Heigl's hairdo in 28 Dresses and requested 3 gardenia fro her hair -I was just thrilled to get her mail withe her pictures and wow! I was enthralled by the pictures and the beauty.Great couple and wonderful photography to boot! what more can you get on a wedding day! The photography credits go to Tealilyphotography
You can check out the whole wedding here

Let the pictures speak for themselves!!!

Check out the gardenia here

gardenia hair clip

A gardenia hair flower with hair clip attached for brides who need a hair clip.

wedding corsages gardenia

Nicole liked the gardenias and so ordered 3 corsages for the moms!

The corsages have matching blue ribbon,pink and white feather and some matching velvet leaves and of course the clay gardenia

Gardenia wedding bouquet

Here is the order that Therese ordered a gardenia wedding bouquet.The bouquet has turned out quite beautiful.I had received these new leaves which I thought when added gave the bouquet a more natural look.I added some vines and found it lacked a bling factor and so added some pearl (gardenias and pearl go so well together!)
and here is the result.Therese wanted turquoise ribbon and a bow.
I am crossing my finger on this:-)

Gardenia wedding bouquet with pink dahlias

I have been busy with some wedding orders and trying to get them out for March weddings!
Nicole had ordered for a wedding bouquet of pale pink dahlias and gardenias and here is what I made for here.She had like my pink dahlia paper flower bouquet but said she would like to add the gardenia's.She is the UK and will be flying out here for her wedding.The bouquet features clay gardenia,pale pink dahlia and I added some pink gorgeous bead fillers and pearls.The bouquet has a marabou feather cuff and wrapped with a deep blue ribbon.I added a sheer ribbon bow too.Nicole wanted to remember her loved one and mailed me a bouquet pin to add to the handle.
The bridesmaids hold pink dahlia with marabou feather fillers.

Nicole I hope you like this!

wedding prom party gardenia wrist corsage

I was trying to do interesting things to keep me upbeat and I always like doing gardenias since they are turning out really beautiful.I turned this gardenia into a wrist corsage which cna be used for a party ,wedding or just as a present.
Be sure to check it out at clay Gardenia wedding corsage

The gardenia is made from a special floral clay -very durable and not breakable...It is adorned with 3 vintage leaves to add a tounch of elegance.Would be a lasting reminder of the event for a long time to come! I think they would be great accessories for bridesmaids too for a budget wedding..

Gardenia wedding cake topper pictures from Lindsey

Another wedding cake picture post! Lindsey has emailed me and asked me if I could make for her some gardenias for the wedding cake,initially since I was soo booked for Aug/Sept I told her I was not sure then I felt bad (hate dissapointing people)and just some how squeezed her order in and it was well worth it

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman
Wow how lovely does the cake look???? The leaf idea was Lindseys and full credits to her for the idea as it give a fuller and fresher look than the usual plain white ribboned gardenia cake I have seen!

Lindsey is one of the sweetest brides that I have come across ,she sent these pictures of the gardenia cake and her wedding! (most brides in the "after wedding" buzz forget...luckily for me both Christina(see post below) and Lindsey remembered!)

Let me tell how grateful I am to the brides who take the time to mail me the pictures,makes all the late nights sitting up worth it! Thank you Lindsey!
Best Wishes to you and Kam for happily married life ahead.

Photo credits to Michael Gluzman

Gardenia wedding cake flowers

Here are a set of 8 gardenia in different sizes that Lindsey ordered for her wedding cake!

gardenia wedding cake flower in clay for Ceci

I have been many a times requested to make the gardenias again and again and the picture my clients sent me is this one

Now here are the flower made for Ceci.The flower look absolutely delightful! there is 4 inch gardenias and one 3 inch one.I didn't get enough time to make the third layer of the dummy cake but the flower would just look even more lovelier on mor tiers!!!

If you like this to order please email me at or look up my listing on etsy at white gardenia wedding cake

Wedding hair gardenia for the bride

I got a an order via etsy for a clay gardenia hair flower and here is what I created for her.I turned out sooo great that I thought I should be relisting it!

Take look at my listing at Bridal Gardenia for the hair The flower would be 3.5 inches big just right to wear in the hair for your wedding.It can be made upto 4 inches,just sent me a note at the checkout in etsy.

Here are some more picture I took of the bridal flowers for Paula ,it was looking soo good that I had to take these pcitures of them together.

I have relisted the Wedding cake topper on Etsy

The wedding hair flowers are also listed on my etsy site!

Gardenia and roses Paper flower bouquet

I got an late order from Ashley for a paper flower wedding bouquet for her civil ceremony.She is marrying a soldier and she sent me this picture of the dress she will be wearing (gorgeous!)

so since the wedding is March 25th I needed to get ahead and make this one first.

It has a gorgeous color pallette of pale pink roses,and white gardenia's which she said she wanted in the bouquet and I added some hydrangeas and some filler and lo behold I have a beautiful paper flower bouquet for her.
Hope she like it!

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I got a an order via etsy for a clay gardenia hair flower and here is what I created for her.I turned out sooo great that I thought I should be relisting it!

Take look at my listing at Bridal Gardenia for the hair The flower would be 3.5 inches big just right to wear in the hair for your wedding.


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