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orange blossom tiara wreath flower girl woodland

A orange blossom and stephantois weddiflower girl wreath I made a few weeks ago.
The wreath has my handmade orange blossom and stepanotis flowers with some velvet leaves.The wretah would be great for a 7 to 10 year old flower girl.
I am going to be having woodland wonder collection and this one is the first on the list.
orange blossoms artificial
                                                 orange blossoms wreath tiara

This one is sold but you could use the contact form on my store here to order these or you can buy loose from here  

Woodland theme bird wreath moss cobble designs

Woodland theme bird wreath moss designs: I was down with a surgery for xmas..,anyway just to get my thought away I made this idea I was planning in my head for a long time.It's on the woodland theme I have been playing around with for the next year designs. The woodland theme bird wreath has a bird's nest on it on a handmade wreath.I found the faux moss and found they go well with the theme and used them to create a very unique wreath.I was thinking it can adorn right next to that mirror in your foyer (sure to get many compliments on it) or reside next to you bedside wall or even the bathroom.I find it reflects peace,love maybe the ideal wreath to adorn a newly weds house! I tied a bow in the end to it,you can take if off if needed and add another to match the rooms decor.


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