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royal blue bird nest wedding cake topper woodland rustic garden

Here is a cake topper with 2 birds in handmade nest.This is for a wedding anniversary cake in canary yellow with royal blue bow so the client ordered for deep royal blue handmade roses.I added few sprigs of yellow.

midnight royal blue wedding bouquet paper flowers

An order for a bolt of blue wedding bouquet! Midnight blue and royal blue tone were requested and finally here is what I landed up with.Instead of going with one tone since it is a dark color I found tones in blue worked best.(after lot of testing :-)) Blue is definitely not easy to design around.

midnight blue wedding paper flowers bouquet

The brides hold navy blue dahlias,peonies,bluish purple hydrangeas,midnight blue anemone and small pale blue filler flowers (new one in my list).

The bridesmaids are wearing royal blue dress so the bride wanted white dahlia and then we decide to have blue feathers.I added a mix of 2 blue feathers and goind to pop against their dresses!

The guys wear midnight blue dahlias and the fathers get anemones.The groom is wearing a gardenia all wrapped in royal blue ribbon.

The new request was the pomander.Even though I have thought amny time to turn my large paper flowers into a pomander I somehow never got down to doing it so when Robin requested it I was pretty thrilled to try to it out.A fluffy ball of white with a blue ribbon for the mothers!

Hope you like the flowers Robin!


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