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camelia wedding cake picture

Camelia wedding cake pictures back from a summer wedding! thank you so much for senting them -they made my day:-)

"Thanks again! (FYI ... we are still enjoying our camellias that we've placed in our china cabinet)"

wedding ckae camelias

Maclain Benton
Debbie Browne

leather chanel camelia inspired paper flowers

I have been quite smitten by the leather camelia's of chanel for a long time and was pretty interested to do a camelia in paper.After several tries I got something close to it..Here is my version in ivory.

chanel camelia inspired leather

paper flower wall

The flowers are roses,camelias and lilies.

camelia clay cake flower gumpaste or sugar flowers alternative samplers

I had a camelia cake flower set in clay to finish.They are great sugar flower or gumpaste alternatives and can be displayed at home long after the event too!

camelias sugar flower alternative
wedding ckae camelias

I am behind on all order as I have not been well.The weather has been crazy here in New Englnad one day being 73 and this week we have snow outside.

camelia cake flower samplers

I made some camellias don't know which direction to go in frilly or not frilly edges?:-)


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