A forget me not inspired blue wedding for Australia.

I have been making this order for some time and it is one of my large orders of bird boutonnieres.I was so thrilled to make this order for Vivi in Australia who is going to be getting married in Malayasia!

Vivi had asked me to create a forget me not based wedding collection and these birds are SO cute that is looks so fabulous that I had a tough time rejecting any of the pictures I shot.

A set of 12 boutonnieres with flocked forget me nots. Each boutonniere is accented with the bird and a beautiful bunch of forget me nots. The stems are wrapped with moss and pale blue ribbon tie lends a touch of style to each one.

The ladies have corsages with a blue paper flower (by the way this flower is featured in my book)! Each corsage is handcrafted with pale green feather,silver accents and of course the bird and the forget me nots. The stems are wrapped with moss to create a beautiful elegant wedding accent.

The ring bearer will carry the birds perched on a wood slice tied with a white ribbon.

The cake topper would my handcrafted forget me not bird's nest with the birds nesting in them.Vivi is also going to adding a dozen forget me nots to her bouqet!

To recap some of my flowers done over the years! Do pin the image!

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