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anemone arrangements!

An anemone order I did a while ago I had to keep under wraps since the bride wanted to surprise her relatives.

The anemone arrangments are made up of paper dahlias,fillers,and clay anemones.The bride wanted these for the rehersal dinner and wanted to gift them to her close relatives.

hot pink/red /orange anemones

An order from Krissy for 8 doz anemones in hot pink,red and orange.

white anemone wedding bouquet

Amy had ordered a white anemone wedding bouquet and red anemone for the bridesmaids in paper.?Here is how it turned out.

anemone wedding cake flowers

yellow and orange aenemone cake flowers for Catherine!

anemone wedding cake flower pictures

Anemone cake pictures
I am so fortunate to get back so many picture from happy clients!!!
Here is an anemone cake done in Feb
The flowers look quite fabulous on the cake!

Here is the water lily I did a while back

black and white wedding - anemone wedding order

Here is the order for Bridgit!
5 bridesmaids bouquets in black and white with black grossgraun handle and crisscrosses ribbon on the handle.

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Poppy arrangement for ZEDO Inc AdTech

I had an order for an arrangement for ZEDO Inc.(my brother works there..) and he requested the flowers to be in thier logo colors- a lime green and orange and black combination It is for display in the ZEDO booth for the upcoming ADTECH.I sometimes do a bit of part time programming for them..

I chose orange anemone poppies,green orchids and added light orange mums,the arrangement has green leaf loops and fern curls.The arrangement is pretty large and such arrangements would look lovely even in the foyer of a house (custom color requests welcome!) It's been a while since I did any large arrangement -(my house is full of these and my mom and sister rotates them often)

anemone paper flower for wedding cakes

A request for Nicole -she wanted paper anemone for her cake and here is her order!

peach anemone cake flower

pink anemone wedding bouquet

Lindsey liked the earlier pink anemone wedding bouquet I did for Chad and Christy and asked me for a replica of it..Here is some samplers of her bouquet!

Gumpaste Anemone wedding cake flowers sugar alternative

Sugar or gumpaste anemones are the latest rage - oh how I love the new cake series Cake Boss -he makes the most lovely anemones - was inspired by that to add real stamens to them this time and they look so gorgeous.My client wanted choclate brown center and the cake they wanted looks like this.

You can view or buy my clay anemones here

wedding cake anemones gumpaste
cream anemones

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anemone wedding bouquet

Wedding cake Pink anemone

Vannesa's order for 3 pale pink anemone in clay for her wedding cake!

red anemone floral arrangement

Here is an anemone arrangement I made quite a while and have been wanting to put up on etsy.

You can buy it here anemone floral arrangement

Anemone wedding bouquet red paper flower poppies

I was "pretty thrilled" to see the wedding pictures of the anemone wedding bouquet I had made for Christina who was so gracious to sent me these.

Valo Photography has done a awesome job on this!

Wow how beautiful does Christina look???,the wedding used lots of handmade elements!
Love how the red pops out in all the pictures

The flower girl held a small purse into which Christina placed the loose flowers.

The close ups!
Very happy day! More pictures to come to stay tuned on other wedding cakes.These pictures would not be possible so a big thank you for the wonderful photographic skills of
Valo Photography Do check them out if you are planning a wedding.

Anemone wedding order for Jessica

The entire order for Jessica consisted of a bridal bouquet of ivory and purple anemones and the 5 bridesmaids holds red anemones bouquets!.

The mothers have ivory corsages with a stitched ribbon bows,velvet leaves and feather fillers!

I would love to receive some pictures please!:-) It is murky and rainy day here..Not a great day for photography..

purple and ivory anemone wedding bouquet

Jessica had ordered for a purple and ivory anemone bouquet.
Here is the bouquet.The bouquet has a velvet ribbon handle and the pleated ribbon whihc she requested to be added.


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